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What advantage does Vzapp® offer in comparison to traditional collection?

Both the preparation and the analysis take up significantly less time. Therefore a quicker and more economical analysis is possible.Using touchscreen as opposed to manual data collection larger quantities and more directions can be recorded. The need for survey personnel sinks. Small T junctions and crossroads can be can be recorded by one or two people. The precision of the survey increases. Mistakes in thetransfer of data are avoided. Through the recording of every single click additional interesting analysis is possible. 


How is the data transferred from the PC to the tablet?

The date is transferred via a commercially available USB cable from the tablet to the PC. The data is imported and automatically evaluated in the Vzapp® software. 


What is the battery running time of the counting device?

The running time of the battery depends on the device. Therefore no authoritative statements are possible. Intests we have tested several 7 inch devices where the battery lasted about 9 hours. 2 counting intervals of 2x4 hours can as a rule be covered. Generally we would recommend giving the counters external batteries. You can buy these with a large capacity for a reasonable price.Phone us up, we are happy to advise you. 


Can I use my own mobile/tablet for the survey?

The basic requirement for the use of your own mobile is Android. A version for iOS is not available at the moment but planned. In the past two years of testing we have used several makes of smartphone. The use of the app was possible on all of them without any problems. As we cannot guarantee the function on all smartphones we recommend that you download the application from PlayStore and test it on your own mobile. 


Can the data be sent by email between the mobile/tablet and PC?

If there is a wireless connection to the respective mobile/tablet then the data can be transferred without problem between the counting device and the PC. In this way the data from the survey can be directlytransferred to the office evaluating the dataat the end of the survey. 


Which software is recommended?

We recommend Microsoft Windows 7. Windows XP is also possible.

For the counting device we recommend the Android system from Version 4.


Which screen size is recommended?

On a screen up to 6 directions can be recorded with Vzapp®.  In our tests devices with a 7inch screen size were reliable. In principle screen sizes from 4-10 inch are fine depending on the user. 




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