Vzapp® App

The app is available for free in android Play-Store. You can download and install the app. The full range of functions can only be accessed through the loading of data which will be completed by the Vzapp®-Standard on your PC

Vzapp® Standard

 This basic version has the complete junction administration as well as all the steps from preparation to the carrying out of the survey to the transfer of data fromthe counting device back to the PC. The results of the count are evaluated as a table or in matrix form. The data for further work is at your disposal. The CSV data contains the summary of the survey datasplit according to the counted flow and vehicle groups in 15 minute intervals. The data can for example be further analysed in a spreadsheet programme such as Edexcel. You can evaluate any time intervals. Flexible peak hours at the respective intervals are automatically determined.

Vzapp® KStrom

With this model a graphic evaluation of the survey at a junction is made possible. You can show any number intervals and projections with simple factors are carried out.

In addition the results can be shown as a matrix


Vzapp® HBS 2001

 With V-Zapp® –HBS 2001 you get the possibility to project your count in a few minutes after the survey in chapter 2 of HBS 2001. After a questionnaire of survey specific parameters the projection parameter and factors are automatically chosen or entered according to the specifications of the user.

Planned Expansion

Models for the HBS201x as well as other systems are in development


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